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Healthpreneur is an online International Business Plan Competition being held on the occasion of Third International Yoga Day: 21st June, 2017.

Organised by Startupoid, the theme of the competition would be Bio-Tech, Healthcare and Health-tech startups. This competition evaluates everything- right from pitching your innovative idea, to drafting a business plan, and to present it to potential investors!
Healthpreneur is a perfect platform to transform your dreams into reality!

Our Vision

Startupoid is a Delhi based organisation founded in March 2017 to promote Entrepreneurship by creating a platform to connect startups, investors, incubators and accelerators under one roof. Startupoid acts as a catalyst in helping start-ups to survive and grow through the difficult early stages of development.

We believe Innovation and Hard Work are the two pillars to successful entrepreneurship, which pushes the world towards a brighter future. For this, entrepreneurs need to have a deep understanding of the startup culture. Our vision is to promote entrepreneurship by bridging the gap between innovation and success. With this vision, we launch Healthpreneur: An opportunity for entrepreneurs working towards the development of Healthcare or Bio-Tech sectors, to prove themselves.

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$50,000 | MENTORSHIP



Top – 5 Startups 

Top-5 startups of Healthpreneur will get a chance to raise funds from reputed investors upto $50,000

Top – 10 Startups 

Top-10 startups of Healthpreneur will get free Mentorship.

Evaluation Criteria

Problem Solving 

Health is one of the biggest problem. Lesser the efforts, greater should be the impact.



Team is the sole reason for every startup, team with a vision.



Technology plus Humans can change the world.

Global Scalability

Sustainable startups that have scalable models.


Compete Across The Globe

Compete among others that to globally and prove your worth and get awarded for that !

Chance to Get Funding

The Top start-ups of this event gets a chance to meet investors and can raise funds upto $50,000

Get Your Certificate

Register for our event and get participation certificate for an International Online Event !


Get Free Mentorship

Get Free Mentorship from the experienced Mentors of Startupoid

₹199(Indian startups)
  • Registration
  • Pitching Idea
  • Certificate
  • Chance to Get Funded


$10(Foreign Startups)
  • Registration
  • Pitching Idea
  • Certificate
  • Chance to Get Funded

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Join us : 10th – 30th June, 2017


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